Graduates of the Courageous Living Coach Certification have been trained in a life-changing skill-set. That’s why they are life-changing coaches.

Rigorous Standards

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Ethics and Integrity

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Life coaching that creates positive change.

Courageous Living Coach Certification graduates receive a holistic coaching skill-set consisting of 75+ hours of instruction, coverage of all of the International Coach Federation’s Core Competencies, more than 60 one-on-one coaching hours, and a final graduation portfolio that is reviewed by the core Leadership Team.

A Leader In The Industry

It’s true: anyone can hang out a shingle as a life coach, without receiving training. If you hire a Courageous Living Coach Certification graduate, know that you are hiring someone who has taken the time and integrity to be trained in several key coaching competencies:

  • Setting a unique client focus for the session, and using a primary focus as a tool without rigidly attaching to goal-setting.


  • Asking different types of questions, from mindset-shifting “narrative” questions to lets-get-going “confronting with kindness” questions.


  • Practicing ethical standards such as asking for client permission, clarifying through mirroring stated client expectations, and setting appropriate containers for emotional work.


  • Cultivation of unique-to-you client practices that maximize coaching effectiveness between sessions.

Featured Case Studies

“New and Noteworthy” podcasts? Full life coaching practices? Creating group coaching programs? Our graduates are up to some goodness.

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“Through running, holistic health counseling, and life coaching, I take women on a journey to fully address the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of wellness. Mile marker by mile marker, we will shed the excuses and circumstances that weigh you down and expose the most beautiful, authentic, and unapologetic YOU underneath.”

Nicole Whiting

“There is something about witnessing a woman tap into her limitless potential that is truly miraculous. I am an empowerment trainer, a transformational speaker, an author and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®. I help people go from feeling unfulfilled to living life with joy, self-love and confidence..”

Iman Gatti

Leadership Team

All Courageous Living Coach Certification graduates work with an experienced Leadership Team comprised of Lead and Mentor Coaches. Lead Coaches have been working within the industry for several years, and Mentor Coaches are graduate volunteers who are continuing to expand their skill-set. By offering different coaching styles to our graduates, we prepare them for coaching you in a uniquely holistic way.

Kate Swoboda

Kate Swoboda

Program Director and Lead Facilitator

Lara Heacock

Lara Heacock

Lead Coach and Executive Coach Major Coordinator

Liz Applegate

Liz Applegate

Lead Coach and Mentor Coach Coordinator

Valerie Tookes

Valerie Tookes

Lead Coach and Health/Wellness Major Coordinator

Our organization believes:

in the power of coaching.
that courage is where it’s at.
that marginalized voices need to be heard—now.
in what you’re capable of.
in you.
that expanding who you are gives you the capacity to empower others.

in pragmatic, research-backed behavior change.
in totally unstructured, spontaneous woo. that no one is truly free unless we are all free.
that coaching skills can be applied to social change movements.
in practical wisdom.
that we all deserve to have careers that we love.
that connecting as a community is the backbone of our growth.
that self-responsibility is potent.
that creative expression is truth-telling.
that sometimes, only the f-bomb will suffice.
that sometimes, gentleness has more impact than profanity.