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Sarah Silvas

life coach + yoga instructor

Before CLCC I thought thatI needed to know all there is to know about all life circumstances so that I could give excellent advice as a coach. What I learned is that coaching is far less about giving advice and much more about honing the skills and sharpening tools of holding space, listening with intention, engaging in meaningful exercises, and asking provocative questions. CLCC provided both the education and space for me to deepen into the art of coaching, allowing me to find my own voice and presence while working with clients. This program takes a steep turn away from a cookie-cutter template of coaching, instead encouraging you to apply your own intuition and wisdom to showing up in the world – and with clients.

Loha Raphael

Life Coach

Becoming a part of the CLCC family has been one of the best decisions of my life…I now have a clearer understanding of who I am and learning about who others are has deepened the compassion I feel and show myself and others. The shifts I have experienced as a result of being in such a positive, supportive, and dynamic community has allowed me to expand my heart and mind in ways I could have never imagined. No question is too silly, no event too minuscule to discuss, no experience too ugly to share. The guidance is rich, the expertise is vast, and the support is real. I truly know that the Courageous Living Coach Certification family wants me to succeed in my life and my business.

Lisa Chartrand

Life Coach

The skills, tools, knowledge and connection you gain in the program are beyond expectation. It’s both an intense and beautiful journey that I am grateful for!

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