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Dear graduates,

As we move into 2017, which will be our fourth year of the training program, I can’t help but remember what it was like when I started out as a coach. In my particular training program, I received no follow-up support (and there really was no marketing training, so I was learning all of that on my own, as well).

I understand what it’s like to ride the highs and lows and comparisons and overwhelm and excitement and boredom and inspiration and lack of motivation and all of the rest. The excitement and exhilaration of landing several clients one month could be followed by feeling completely insecure when someone else debuted an e-course to great success…and my registrations were a flop.

I kept going because I knew that ultimately, in X years I’d always be X years older. Did I want to be X years older, still working at the job that I disliked? Or did I want to be X years older, slowly but surely replacing that salaried income with income from a job that lit me up?

I’ve wanted to create a follow-up to our CLCC training for several years to support our graduates and give them a booster of sorts, but I knew that I was already operating at capacity just with running the program, running my business, and being a new mother.

Now, finally, I feel like I can give space to graduate development, and I’m partnering with Lara Heacock, a 2014 graduate who as served as a mentor coach for the past two years (and who will be moving into a Lead Coach role in 2017) to offer a formal follow-up program for graduates of the CLCC.

We’re calling it the Graduate Development Program.

A few things you need to know:

  • The Graduate Development Program won’t be as intense as the CLCC certification program, but we’d prefer that you only apply if you feel like you’ll legitimately give it your attention. No signing up and then not showing up for calls.
  • The GDP is about reviewing, reconnecting, and reinvigorating you around the craft of coaching. We won’t cover new skills; we’ll geek out with gaining more mastery with what you do know, already.
  • We will want to see that you are developing your online presence, so if you’ve felt discouraged about marketing and have become inconsistent with website/newsletter/social media updates, we’ll be asking that you are consistent about those things in the months leading up to the GDP.
  • We will be offering some marketing challenges, to give you some fresh inspiration for things that you can try that will boost your marketing efforts. If marketing has felt awkward or discouraging, we hope that these challenges will make it fun!


Interested in the GDP?

The application link is below. First, submit your application and then if it’s accepted, we’ll talk to you about next steps.

To submit the application, copy and paste the questions into an email (no attachments, please) and follow the instructions for how to email it in. We hope you’ll understand that we may not have room to accept all applications, and that in cases where we deny an application, it’s not personal or about how we feel about you–most of what we are looking for in the application is seeing evidence of your commitment to the craft of coaching and growing your business.

If you haven’t done a lot since graduating from the CLCC, that doesn’t preclude you from participating, here–but we need to see you showing us that you want to “get back on the horse,” so to speak, as part of your Graduate Development Program participation.

Application link: