2020 graduate

“There are times in life
When we are called to be bridges,
Not a great monument spanning a distance
And carrying loads of heavy traffic,
But a simple bridge to help one person
From here to there over some difficulty
Such as pain, grief, fear, loneliness,
A bridge which opens the way for an ongoing journey.”
-Joy Crowley-Aotearoa


If you have found me you are already on your way. You are taking the first step on the journey of YOU! This is how I approach Life Coaching as a certified Life Coach with Courageous Life Coaching. As a certified Spiritual Director (Oasis) and a Life Coach I feel my approach is best summed up by Dr. Ronald Sharp when he said “it is not what someone can do for you but it’s who and what the two of you become in each other’s presence” (Vassar College, 2016).
As “empty-nesters” we sometimes look back and ask ourselves, where did time go? What did we do during that time? In the past 30 years while ‘we were doing’ for everyone else along the way we forgot about ourselves.
Maybe you are now an “empty-nester” but you have switched over to taking care of your parents, friends or relatives.
Maybe you are a working mom, running the home, mothering children and trying to bring an income to stay afloat.
Maybe, you are pregnant for the first time at age 38 and have waited so long to have that child but are scared about the entry into motherhood and stepping up to the plate?
Or you have the kids, the husband and the job and you are feeling unfulfilled and lost..but you are seen or told “you have it all!”…?
Or you are a working woman, have a successful career, don’t want children or marriage that your folks said would make you happy but you are happy with where you are and what you have achieved and I say “YOU GO WOMAN!” but…… somehow you feel empty…..

I say that ALL OF YOU have it within yourselves to be happy, fulfilled, content and at peace with yourself at any age.

“What a circus act we women perform every day of our lives.
It puts the trapeze artist to shame.
Look at us.
We run a tight rope daily,
Balancing a pile of books on the head.
Baby-carriage,kitchen chair, parasol, still under control.
Steady now!”
Anne Morrow Lindbergh 1906


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