2018 graduate

Kim Kimball is a life coach who helps women leaders (entrepreneurs, coaches, and professionals) have a deeper and more satisfying connection with themselves and others.

What that looks like practically in everyday life:

Having healthy boundaries, yet being open and connected; not worrying about what others are saying/doing/thinking; feeling safe to be your fully expressed self in your relationships and business; pursuing and receiving your wants, needs and desires with ease; embodying joy, ease, and pleasure; being unconditionally OK, centered, and at peace within yourself no matter what is happening externally; cultivating reciprocal, life-giving relationships that share equal weight; and emotional resilience and mastery.

All her coaching is rooted in wholeness/worthiness, full expression, power, emotional mastery, embodiment, and freedom, and is infused with depth, devotion, authenticity, and grace.

Connect with her at https://www.kimkimballcoaching.com or hang out with her on Instagram or Facebook @kimkimballcoaching

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